The JetSki Escape

The sailing trip of a lifetime on a private yacht, with your closest friends and family at open sea…
Things were going smoothly until a sudden storm rolled in.
Your fancy yacht has taken significant damage and is on the verge of going under. Luckily, an island is spotted nearby. You manage to get ashore just in time.
After hiking in search of shelter for what seems like hours, your group comes across what appears to be a camp hidden deep within the island jungle.
It quickly becomes apparent that this is no ordinary campsite.
This is a smugglers den.
Your group realizes that you must find a way off this island before the criminals return.
Amongst the stolen loot is a jet ski. That’s your ticket out!
You have just 60 minutes to find the key and escape.
Crack the codes, solve the puzzles and work as a team,
Or this vacation may be your last…


Do you have what it takes to escape the island? Come and put your skills to the test

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